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Two listings rejected despite pass error check. The so-called "error report" actually has three items. Two are labeled as "notice", with some jive I won't even go into unless necess. Third in red is "Failure". "Buyers like large photos ... " aiidn. Roll Eyes "Recommends at least 500 pxls."
One of the 2 photos is abt 450 bc it is the end of a box and was cropped accordingly. The other is much larger. So ebay rejects bc one is too small? Confused

Now to the hair-tearing part. Mad To make sure there was nothing else in the legacy listing at fault, I switched to "create similar" from a listing that posted successfully. I had to change title & price, & replace photos*. [*not that easy w Auct quirks in photo window.]
Lo & behold it worked for one of the two.
But then I tried CS on that to post the second one. This failed & got same errors. Confused I went back to the prior posted listing which worked the first time, CS, but now this failed also.
What the heck? Frown There is something in the photos that triggers this error? Sometimes but not always? Confused Mad
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Hello ukidnme$ -

Unfortunately the error check on our lister page does not currently check the size of your images for compliance with eBay's size requirements - however I have passed your comments regarding this along to our Product Management team in the form of a feature request for such an ability for their consideration and will update this thread should new information regarding this become available.

As we are unrelated to eBay, we have no control over their requirements or the responses from their API. It is required by eBay that any image in a listing have a minimum of 500 pixels on the longest side, so any image that does not meet this requirement will cause a listing to fail to post to eBay.

In order for us to look more specifically into the other issue you mention with listings, we would need to have a look in your account at the listings in question. I suggest that you file a support case from under the Help tab of the site that includes the details of what you have experienced as well as the titles of the listings involved and we'd be happy to look into it further for you.

- Craig

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