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They are at it again. Crapping all over their customers.

Starting on Sep. 22 sellers can no longer offer insurance to buyers in their listings. According to eBay,

sellers are responsible for their items until they are safely in their customers' hands.

So how is one supposed to account for an additional insurance cost? According to ebay,

you can choose to add your insurance cost into your handling charges...or...You could also start your item at a slightly higher price to cover the cost of insurance.

Hmmmm...higher starting price = higher insertion fee = more money for ebay.

Also, all 3rd party listing services such as Auctiva, can no longer offer an insurance choice through their check out. This means that if you wish to insure your item through Auctiva, you will have to manually add it and pay for it yourself.

So much for making a little extra off of Auctiva Insurance.

I have never been closer to ending my ebay business. I wonder what ebay will do with all those happy buyers when there are no longer any sellers offering anything to buy. Will ebay then realize that their Customers are actually SELLERS and NOT buyers?
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quote: are responsible for delivering items all the way to the buyer, not just to the shipping carrier. So even if the item was shipped promptly, if it doesn't show up at the buyer's address within the allotted time (subject to reasonable cushion time), then you are responsible regardless of whether you used tracking with delivery confirmation.

this eBay policy = "If the delivery service screws up, loses your item, delivers it to a wrong address or just keeps it for themselves, it is the SELLERS fault."
I am keep Auctiva just for the insurance does this mean once the new ebay rule comes into effect I can no longer use Auctiva for insurance. About 80% of my sale go over seas. The dolls I sell must have insurance and to insure a package through the post office I have to make the customer pay Priority mail which they would not do as it would cost a lot to ship.

My question is, once the auction ends can I purchase insurance through Auctiva for that item? I can always add the insurance price in the shipping price, for what I read you are allowed to do that. So I am hoping I can just contact Auctiva to add the insurance to that item.
I can always add the insurance price in the shipping price,

Absolutely, but be careful adding it to your shipping cost. With ebays new updates for sellers they are focusing on your DSR ratings more than ever. Get just 2 low star ratings in any category (including shipping and handling cost) and your items will no longer appear near the top of any "best match" searches.

All it takes is just 2 buyers to think that your shipping costs are "unfair" and you're sales are going to drop and your unsold items are going to increase.

eBay wants you to add any additional costs to your starting price, that way they can collect more of a fee.

Also in order to benefit from the price differential between the Postal insurance and Auctiva insurance, you are going to have to add the Postal insurance rate into your listing price.

Personally over the past 300 feedbacks I have 6 low shipping and handling DSR's. I charge actual shipping cost plus $1 for bubble wrap and such. I also offer FREE shipping on about 25% of my listings.

Imagine what would happen if I added $1.75 per listing to cover insurance.

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