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Yep.. just like most companies, have a promotion for new people, but do not do a thing to keep the ones you already have signed on. Typical. Suggestion, open another account and list under it.

Auctiva, have never thought to ask. IF we have 2 ebay accounts can they be tied together. Right now I just cut and paste and put with no template from my other account on ebay. But would be AWESOME to be able to use templates without paying twice for auctiva services?

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Vickie, if you have more than one eBay account you will need a separate Auctiva account for each...but...if you let Auctiva Support know, they will see to it you are only charged for one account. So that way, you can use Auctiva templates without paying twice.

BTW, we now have over 1800 templates available on the site and our designer, Amber M, who is a very gifted artist, is busily creating more.

Hope this helps.

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