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Hello, just be careful using the 30 day listing, if you have a common item and multiples, I would suggest using the 10 day listing. I have done extensive tests on the search engine, with different parameters for our best selling product, to we can refine the selling of it and you would be shocked at the real life results we achieved, over what eBay was trying to tell us was achievable. My real time tests where done over 60 listings of the same item, in various listing combinations to find the optimum listing criteria and I'd be very wary of using the 30 Day listing.
I have about 100 items in my store. I plan to list about 25% of my items each week using the new 30 day fixed price format until all of my items are listed in the new 30 day fixed price. At the end of the 30 days, if my items have not sold, I will re-list them again using the 30 day fixed price format. What differece is there to list a item with a Buy It Now for 7 days versis 30 days. It seems to me 30 days is a better way to go on a Buy It Now Item. Am I wrong?
I, too, am confused about whether or not to list my fixed-price items for 7 days or 30...I think it will depend on the items we're selling.

If you have things that you typically end up re-listing 1-3 times before they sell, then a 30-day listing would probably be a good choice. But if you have items that usually sell within a week, why list them for 30 days?

It's going to take me a lot of trial and error to figure out what will work best. I think a combo of 7-day auctions and fixed-priced listings, and a few 30-day listings will be my recipe...but we'll see!
My overall experience, running primarily Fixed Price listings for over a year now, is that about 60% of my buyers are purchasing in the middle of a 7-day run (3rd thru 5th day) - 10% buy in the first 24 hours - and 30% in the final 24 hours (with most of those being 12 or more hours before closing, rather than waiting til the last minute).

I am also finding that New items, more and more, don't sell on the first 7-day cycle - but do have Watchers from early on, who keep on watching through relist cycles, until the item finally starts selling in about the 3rd week.

I have also found, studying my detailed traffic stats, that 93% come from a specific eBay Search - 6% come from other search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) - and only 1% from just browsing around.

That knowledge, combined with a slow market in general, and my being stuck with a lot of slower moving stock, is what drives my plan to put EVERYTHING on the 30-day plan, along with auto renew til sold. And I'll see how it goes - being pretty confident it can't get any slower than it has been the past two months!
I'm sure Auctiva cannot add that new 30-day fixed listing choice until it's actually online at ebay. If it was on here now, everyone would be chomping at the bit trying to list things today in the new format, and then get all mad when their listings would get an error message.

I know it's a hassle if you're trying to get listings ready to launch for tomorrow, but I'm sure Auctiva is doing all they can to make the transition as smooth as possible. Remember, it's ebay who is making all these changes and I'm sure it's not easy for Auctiva to have to re-write their whole software program to keep up with it all.

Have patience Wink
I ran that question by Live Support earlier today. They said the change will take effect at the point that eBay implements the change.

From what I gather, apparently the moment that eBay switches their coding, it will trigger a corresponding change in the Auctiva system.

So I guess the solution for those of us who wanted to prepare a bunch of longer listings today, is to go ahead and prep them on Auctiva as usual, but wait on scheduling them to post, until AFTER the switch takes effect - then do a quick round of clicking through and switching the durations, then schedule/post.
Just a side note to this whole 30 day llisting discussion, I am also considering moving just about all of my regular llistings to 30 day fixed price. I wanted to get a jump start, but since there is no 30 day option what I've done is change all my listings to 7 day fixed price and when the option for 30 days is available, I'll do a bulk edit and change the lenght of auction, which should be a quickie change tomorrow so I can get back up as soon as the new changes are in effect.

Just in case anyone else wants to get a head start, that's how I've been doing it. Smile
Hi Community,

We are aware that eBay just added the 30 day duration for fixed price listings today and we will be conducting a site update later this afternoon to add this option to the Auctiva lister page. This update will most likely take place by 6 PM PT today.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer support team using the web form on the following page of our site:

Lady of Leather,

If you start listing the buy it now with 30 days showing up in Ebay, then they will be showing up everyday in Ebay. That of course depends on if Ebay is going to show these items every day in daily lists. That was my big question when I an Ebay rep called me up the other day. They did not know. I'm suspect that the example below is the intent they have.

Example: you make a fixed price listing good for 30 days, set to be listed at 7pm this evening. Then every day at 7pm, your item should be showing up for the next 30days.
I have been able to change individual fixed price listings to a 30 day duration by using the full edit screen. However, when I try bulk "search and replace" it is still not accepting 30 days as a duration. The weird thing is that it WILL accept 90 days and Good Til Cancelled. Anyone else encountering this? I want to change hundreds of listings to 30 days. Doing them one at a time would be much too time-consuming.

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