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EBay says that 896 of my listings require immediate update due to policy violations or active content usage.
Noncompliant listings will soon be blocked.

I do not have any email addresses or website links in the listings so it must be referring to the scrolling gallery.

Here is a link to one of the sample listings they say is in violation:

What should I do? Do I turn off the scrolling gallery?

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Hello Community -

We're sorry to hear about the continued difficulties with listings as a result of the policy changes that eBay has been making. Please be aware that if you post newly created listings from Auctiva using our templates, the data we submit to eBay is compliant with their policies - and we update our tools that are related to assisting with those policies as more changes occur. Please also note that some of the messaging that you may receive from eBay may be a bit more aggressive than they originally intended. Please see the related article here

As for the listings you refer to, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know the exact messaging you received about them and some sample listings and we'll be happy to take a look into it for you.

- Craig

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