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YOu know it is getting to be very "scary" with eBay creating a "NEW" policy on who you can use for check outs

I was blown away that 5 days into the new Google Check out program that it got a VETO.

What do you think ?????
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It comes as no suprise to me. It would be a bad move on ebays part to have anything to do with google right now while microsoft and ebay are trying to work out a deal for MS to take over ebay. The whole idea behind microsofts deal with yahoo..and now with ebay is to get a hold on googles insane take over of the internet. We wouldnt want that to happen, now would we? at least this is MS's thinking anyway.
Suthrnjewl<---sighing deeply

Dayum! I'd had my fingers crossed but in my mind, I just knew that Ebay/Paypal wouldn't give up a piece of the piece that easy.

Oh well, I'm busy inplementing it into my other selling sites...Let's hope it works to at least make a dent in eBay.

Has anyone looked at stats lately? Ebay? Stocks? Etc?

Thanks, Donna
bidpay is now in list of allowed. Of course, they havent issued a formal announcement about policy change.

Permitted on Sellers may offer to accept PayPal, credit cards including MasterCard/Visa /Amex/Discover, debit cards and bank electronic payments online for eBay purchases. Sellers may also offer to accept bank-to-bank transfers, often known as bank wire transfers or bank cash transfers. Sellers may accept COD (cash on delivery) or cash for in person transactions. Sellers may offer to accept personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, certified checks and other negotiable instruments. Please see the “Some Examples” section of this policy for those evaluated payment services permitted in the eBay marketplace.

Not permitted on Sellers may not solicit buyers to mail cash. Sellers may not ask buyers to send cash through instant cash transfer services (non-bank, point-to-point cash transfers) such as Western Union or Moneygram. Sellers may not solicit payment through “topping off” of a seller’s pre-paid credit or debit card. Finally, sellers may not request payment through online payment methods not specifically permitted in this policy. Please see the “Some Examples” section of this policy for those evaluated payment services not permitted in the eBay marketplace.

Some Examples

Payment Services permitted on eBay:, Bidpay, Canadian Tire Money, cash2india, CertaPay,, hyperwallet,com,,,,,, XOOM

Payment Services not permitted on eBay:,,,,,,, CCAvenue, ecount, e-gold,,, EuroGiro,, Google Checkout, gcash, GearPay,,,,, Liberty Dollars,,,,,,, paypay, Postepay,,,,, stamps, Stormpay,, was moved yesterday from the approved list to the unapproved list.

Scot Wingo,'s ceo, and his thoughts on ebay's ban of google's checkout

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

and be sure to read his commentary on, and follow the link to, Canadian Tire Money (one of eBay's approved payment methods) Cash-like coupons for use only at Canadian Tire Stores (similar to what we know here in the states as gift certificates), yet we cant accept cash or stamps?????

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