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Hello Community,

As and FYI, eBay is having a special on fees from August 3 to September 7.

They are offering free Insertion Fees for up to 100 Auction-style listings—regardless of start price.

More details are to be found at this link.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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Originally posted by dutchman48:
only for non-store owners. Tony M, are you ever going to get all your recent problems fixed, more today again. What good is a listing special if you can't upload pictures and can't list?
We address problems as they occur. All 'recent problems' have been fixed in so far as I know; customer support has already posted on that here.

In the future, dutchman48, please do not jump on threads I start where I'm trying to convey useful information to people and change the subject. There are other threads where you and others have posted about the problems,and you can use those.

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