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I was reading an ebay related book the other day and it said that there was a way to know in advance of the special list days that eBay has (i.e. 10 cent fixed priced listings). I was poking around on eBay for awhile today but did not find it and of course I took the book back to the library and who knows where it is now. I just hate waking up in the morning and seeing the notice and then try to run and come up with listings at the last minute. Yeah, I know, I should plan ahead more but with 2 year old twin girls biting at my heels everyday, I am doing the best I can! (They really are good girls....when they want to be or when they want candy). Smile
If anyone can think of where we can find this out, I would really appreciate it.
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Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Well, you could probably get the answer on the eBay forums. But I don't know, the general impression I keep getting is that nobody knows more than a day ahead of time.

You'd have better luck rolling the dice than trying to second guess eBay's special days.

We had two .10 listing days within a small period of time. I've been selling a long time and that was a first.

I'd get on the eBay forums as was suggested and read, read, read. They're a wealth of information (and sometimes diss "information")

Good Luck,

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