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just thought i'd let everyone know i received a spoof email with someone asking me a question about an item i currently have for sale. i click on the respond now button in the email and i just happend to notice that the web address wasn't ebay as i was all set to enter my user name and password. i have never received a spoof email like that only ones that say there is a problem with your account. just thought i'd send out a heads up as everything seemed legitimate so i went to my ebay page and there wasn't a question about that item. now that i look closer at the email all the links about ebay are legitimate the only fake ones are the respond now and if you click on the item number. i guess i'll have to pay closer attention to all emails from ebay
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bakerboy - i assume you know that just visiting the fake sites can cause your puter to get infected with spyware, etc.

i usually reply by hitting the reply button built into the email client, not the reply button inside emails. course this wont work if person has chosen to keep email addy hidden when submitting the question. but keeps me from clicking on a nasty link in a bogus email.
If you get a question from a potential buyer, its going to be in your ebay email also unless you have a contact link directly to your email address in your auction ads. So if you dont, you do not need to respond from your own email.

I am sick to death of getting these spoof ebay emails (at least 4 a day) and they are getting quite tricky. I think ebay should just start sending all ebay emails through the ebay email system and your personal email as well. That way if it isnt in your ebay email also, then you know it isnt real.

For now you only get questions from buyers, monthy invoice, and promo's through the ebay system. All other email like list confirms, buyer invoices, etc. go directly to your personal email. Just a thought.

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