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ok so I set up an ebay store last night and today I found out about Auctiva and set up a store. Apparently Auctiva doesnt automatically take your items from your ebay store and place them here. So What's the point? I ran into some problems since ive set up this auctiva store in which my items on my ebay store no longer shows there. The ebay store's categories dont seem to exist anymore and the items dont show. However in the Auctiva item listing it shows all those categories I made with ebay. But Auctiva doesnt auto import these categories to the auctiva store... so I have to make new categories and my old ones are useless. This is causing me a lot of frustration and id like some assistance. How come in my auctiva store the categories I make for it are placed in the order made. How come I cant move them around with ease? If I reorganize my items I have to delete all the categories and type in new ones. Is there a faster way to do this?

Apparently if I already have items listed on ebay Auctiva doesnt let me update them with Auctiva... I can only edit the items with ebay... Which is disappointing cause I dont want to take those items off, waste money of insertion fees, put the items back on again but with the new template auctiva changes. Thats a real downer why cant I just update them?
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I think you were trying to move too fast especially as eBay will temporarily pull all your listings the first time you sign up to a 3rd party listing service like Auctiva.

Note that ebay store categories can be created specifically to suit you, fully custom, Auctiva's are not you cannot group items by your custom ebay store category.

Importing store categories from ebay only makes them available for inclusion in listings so they are assigned the correct ebay store category on ebay.

In your Auctiva store instead of grouping by custom store category you make up searches based on the items titles, rather inferior in my opinion but that is one of the very few down points of the Auctiva tools. Smile

Any automatic importing is not instant, please check out faq's etc.

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