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I have had an ebay store for a couple of months now. I used the simple ebay suggestions to set it up. Since setting it up, I havent really thought too much about the way it is designed. NOw that ebay is adding store listings to the end of the auction pages, my traffic has picked up quite a bit and I would like to make my store look better. Is there any way to use the auctiva templates to design your store? Right now I have the Clothing logo from ebay since that is primarily what I sell, but it is so ugly! Does anyone have any suggestions on improving the appearance? I know nothing of HTML design, so I need something that is just ready to plug in. Any help would be appreciated.
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Number one thing to do is get a professional looking logo!

There are plenty of great auction template/ME page designers and some belong to this service.

I know that KWK is great...and she won several accolades (and money) with the Auctiva Template contest. WAHM92 a member of Auctiva designed my New Years Logo and I know that starrynight (another member of Auctiva) designs logos. All are VERY good choices. KWK does the whole-she bang, Store Design, Template for your auctions, ME Page and store logo...and she does GREAT work!

If you need me, please don't fail to contact me:

Good Luck,
Thanks Donna!

I've been designing graphics for years, but just recently thought to sell them on ebay. After years of knowing some HTML but not enough to be a good page builder, I've been studying HMTL like a madwoman so I will hopefully be offering templates soon.

If you want to do an entire store appearance, I'd recommend KWK or someone else who can offer the entire package. KWK's website is Smile SilverGypsy is also also does a very nice job!

Customizing your store's landing page to a completely custom look requires a lot more HTML know-how than, say, picking a logo and template and matching your store color scheme to those.

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