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I just wanted to ask a couple of questions before i list some items. I have trawled through numerous discussions but cant seem to find the exact answers im looking for so any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have just opened my ebay store and am yet to list anything (have been using auctiva and ebay for years). My questions are;

1. I want to list my items in 7 day auction format, i want all my items to be able to be viewed in ebay search and also displayed in my storefront. If i list them as usual on auctiva and do not click "store item" will they all list on ebay and on my storefront?

2. Id like to have my items listed under my store categories but i know this may not be possible as they wont technically be store items. so when i create my lisitngs on auctiva do i select the store category or will this make the listing into a store listing that wont come up in ebay searches?

3.How long will it take ebay to index my items (about 18 to list). Just so im not panicing.

I really appreciate any and all answers. thanks in advance!
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Hi c_hannah00,

Thanks for posting your questions here. Ebay actually did away with the "store item" listing format about a year ago as part of some changes they made to how eBay store subscriptions work. Ebay store owners now receive discounts on their insertion and/or final value fees based on the level of store subscription they are subscribed to.

You can view the eBay help page that goes over the insertion and final value fees for each level of store subscription for eBay Australia users by clicking the following link:

All of the items that you post to eBay will be displayed in your eBay store, so your items will show up there regardless of whether you list them in auction or fixed price format. The help topic posted on the site indicates that items generally becomes searchable within 24 hours of posting, but I believe it normally doesn't take more then a few hours.

I was unable to find a similar help topic on the eBay Australia site, but you can see the information eBay has posted on the site about their indexing procedures using the following link:

I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the “Help” tab and selecting the “File Support Request” option.


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