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Hi all

I had made an add in AUCTIVA and then listed the add on ebay, after the auction started i had to make some changes direct to the add on ebay, when i look in Auctiva at the finished add i dont think it includes the latest updates i did on ebay ? and i get this error message below? how do i get auctiva to update listing from ebay?

If you have revised your listing on eBay or Auctiva, the values below may differ from the current state of 190554005866 .

All values shown below will be applied to the relisted item.
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Is their a way to do it easier then typing it all again ?

Like say cut and pasting all the HTML code from ebay onto a new auctiva listing HTML code ? or over the top of the old Auctiva listing to get the updates ?

How do i stop this problem happening in future? i.e I listed an add on Auctivae and later found out i had to alter the add, i can only update the add on ebay after it's listed ?
Yes, you could copy the HTML from the eBay listing and then go to your saved listing on Auctiva, click on it, "switch to HTML" right above the description area, then delete and replace the description with the copied HTML from eBay. Note that this only changes the description area and not all of the other things like the title, shipping info, etc. Be sure and hit preview at the bottom of the listing to check that everything is correct.

As for the last question, yes, you can only update the ad on eBay. What I will do, is change the ad in Auctiva first, hit save at the bottom, then on the saved listings page find the listing, on the right side there will be an icon if you hover your mouse over it will say "Get HTML" Click on that icon, select all, copy, then go to the eBay listing, hit revise, go down and switch to HTML, then replace it with the copy from Auctiva. Be sure and preview it to double check everything.

Let me know if that helps.
Hi- will put in my 2 cents worth because that is usually what it is worth. . Big Grin

I usually will wait until the listing is almost up and just fix in auctiva and relist from the auctiva saved listing. (unless it needs urgent repair in which case I usually just end the listing and fix figuring it is not worth 5 cents to fix 2 times). Of course, that depends on your ebay plan also if it is worth the time involved in fixing two places.

I guess I am somewhat lazy with doing the fixes. .

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