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This looks kind of cool. Honestly never even heard about it until I stumbled across the new forum at the eBay discussion boards:

Pretty slick if you ask me, and could be used to list your live auctions on your web page, Myspace, etc...
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Ebay is getting so desperate for traffic and additional income, they want you to be their free advertisers on anything you can paste up the link to. It looks like they want you to definitely paste it to your website to show everyone your auctions and everyone elses also, so that in the end they get the sale through them.

I refuse to allow ebay to have links to my websites direct sales to me. I use ebay to send customers to my websites, not the other way around. I farm customers away from ebay to my unique environment/venue full of products. I do not have to put up with ninny nanny feedback from whiners. My average website sale is 59.00.
Well, I checked it out. You have three options -- promoting a single item, promoting up to 10 manually-chosen items or promoting search results for a specific term (no, an eBay ID doesn't work).

Boy, was I disappointed! I was completely surprised to learn that there's no option for simply promoting your latest listings based on your selling ID.

The closest option is promoting up to 10 manually-chosen items but is already working quite well for me.

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