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Anybody see the announcement from ebay about the next coming changes? On the notice I got, drilling down to the FAQs revealed this:
"Making eBay safer: controls on user-generated "active" content

26. What is "active" user-generated content and how does it relate to fraud?
"Active" user-generated content refers to dynamic content such as JavaScript, Flash, or other rich media such as videos created or added to eBay by members. Fraudsters use forms of active content to deceive buyers, taking them off the eBay site unknowingly to make a fraudulent purchase.

27. What controls on active content is eBay introducing?
To remove the risk and still allow members to provide a rich experience similar to active content, eBay will gradually roll-out a safe mark-up language and approved "widgets" for uses such as counters, photo galleries, video, and cross-merchandising. Safe HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) will be allowed, but JavaScript and Flash will not be allowed.

28. Will sellers need to change their listings and listing templates to comply with new active content controls?
Sellers who use active content will need to have their listings modified to comply with the new standard in early 2009. Sellers who already use safe HTML in compliance with the eBay safe markup language specification will not need to make changes. Watch for specifications and migration tools in the coming months."

Does this mean that the scrolling Auctiva store is about to become a thing of the past?
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