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I recently created a new seller id for selling in a different category than my old id. I tried putting up a listing for some old software and got the following error message:

eBay has not posted your item due to title, description, and/or eBay policy violation. Please contact Auctiva support for more information on why your listing has failed to post.

The title of my listing is:

I called ebay and asked them if my title violated policy - I thought maybe they considered me to be keyword spamming - and they had no problem with my title. My description is sparse and having written some hundreds of listings by now, I'm sure I didn't violate any policy in what I wrote.

Any ideas what is wrong? Thanks!
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I am having the same error when trying to list, since last Friday. Auctiva support keeps telling me that I shouldn't use PayPay as a payment method and if I change this, all will be well. There is only one problem with that, I don't use PayPay. I only use PayPal.
I have gotten the same answer 4 times now, they evidently don't have a person reading my issue. It is the same message each time.
I went to ebay and posted listings without a problem, so it wasn't ebay, it's Auctiva.
I think I'm going back to ebay.
Did you figure out your problem? If so, please let me know so I can as well.

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