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Some of the announcements leaked from ebay on location include one that has me very concerned.

If ebay is doing away with border templates we need to know the impact on the templates we use in our auctiva listings.

should we start stripping templates from our new listings? This could have a bigger impact than stripping the borders off the images.

i had to manually go into every image on auctiva and strip it and then had to go through every listing on ebay to get it effective.

those who are suffering through category issues know the impact on time for these changes.

auctiva--please address this.

itsjustme or is it?

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Those who are suffering through the category issues as many of our fellow ebayers are doing (which we did in the past) those poor people have to go to EACH and EVERY listing and make their changes. This is HUGE DAYS and DAYS of work (believe me, been there and I feel your pain) THEY ESPECIALLY, need to know NOW if this is for templates!!!! As of course, they do not want to make all those change individually and then have to go back into each and every listing and strip them.

Also for the rest of us. Of course, for new listings, so will not use template if that is the future of listing...

Auctiva.....can we have your input interpretation on this.


Oh, there is another thread on this everyone may want to read both of them and comment on both.
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Hi itsjustme & lookandbuyme,

We have not been made aware of any upcoming changes in regards to templates on eBay.

I read the original tweet that started the rumor about the possibility of them being done away with, and without knowing the context that the comment might of been made, it's hard to know how credible it really is. The tweeter may have heard something about "template borders" in regards to the mobile app--Another attendee said that sellers who want to be optimized for mobile selling shouldn't use templates, but nothing about banning them. We may never know what was really meant by that tweet--140 characters isn't much space to say what you really mean!

If eBay does have plans in the works, we would definitely be made aware of it, and would share that with our users. If we hear of anything, we'll be sure to let you know.
I respectfully request that Auctiva be proactive about this and contact ebay instead of waiting for announcements.

The burden that this will place on all of us will be difficult enough and we should start getting in compliance now (no templates in new listings).

So many of us have been caught with our pants down, changing images in a very manual way to comply with the "no border" mandate, not to mention the category changes. Auctiva clients made auctiva aware of those changes and as can be seen by the recent flurry of activity on forum, the cost in terms of manhours is high.

so i ask that auctiva reach out to ebay and get some input.

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