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Hi, havent been here for a while so was wondering if someone could help me..I want to list a number of items on ebay..but when i try to post them a message box comes up The following items were unable to post did not pass validation need to be edited before posting>>> OK Confused So i thought i would try something..I went to ebay instead of auctiva and just posted 1 item bingo it listed....But i try to post through Auctiva to no avail. Mad Any suggestions as why this is happening
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Hi Regina,what kind of items are you trying to list and for how long? I just searched your user ID and found no active listings for you. If they are VERO items they must be 5 day or longer listings.I know you were doing D&G stuff before. Also check to make sure your Auctiva token is still valid. You didn't change your eBay password or anything did you?
Hi reginadp,

Since you are receiving the "The following items were unable to post did not pass validation need to be edited before posting" error when trying to post your listings, it is most likely that they are missing certain required fields, however, we would need to review the specific listings that exhibit this problem to know for sure.

Please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page,, and our customer support team will be happy to assit you!

Thanks steve rectified the problem thanks to your help Also Autiva Support also helped me thanks again...But i do now have another problem which im sure someone here might be able to help me with..I just purchased some designer makeup from the USA..and got a message from the seller saying she is having problems with shipping the item as ups etc want to charge her over $90 us dollars to ship does anyone know why the shipping cost is so high..or have any ideas as to how else she can go about this...thanks
HI, the problem is UPS...they charge some sort of huge brokerage fee to ship to time use USPS...

AND I just shipped a necklace to Quebec from Oregon, regular mail because the shipping board at ebay said usps PRIORITY was slow. Shipped in Portland OCT 3, booked into Canada 10/10 and sat in BC customs until 10/26.

You can track a package using the customs form number, enter it at Canada Post.

Check out the shipping situation on the INTL shipping board on ebay.

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