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Originally posted by wayoutwest:
i agree, the prizes are sucky! and as for the free trip to vegas "grand prize" thing, i've already bought non-refundable plane tickets and have already paid for my room at sahara, so not much to gain there.


You have a GREAT time! I can't wait to hear stories of all those fellow sellers you meet and greet.

We'd better see some pictures.

Go by the Auctiva booth and get em out for a pitcher of beer. On me of course!

What's the countdown, two weeks?
sorry i havent kept up with the clues. all posted for those who need it.

Be sure to enter your phrase ASAP! Deadline is 11:59:59 PM PT on May 16, 2006 (just before midnight, ebay time, TONIGHT!)

can submit 1 phrase for each ebay id. If you submit multiple phrases from same id, the last phrase you enter will be the one used for the drawing.

Good luck!!
Originally posted by starrynight:
To the Florida folks who aren't going... I'll be in [s]Kissimee(sp?)[/s]Orlando area that week if you're close enough and wanna meet up. I'd also love to hear any recommendations for good ethnic food restaurants and non-Disney activities Smile

Suthrnjewl<-------Central FL folk

I'll be leaving the state during that time for one of our vacations. I should be in Georgia if nothing else comes up!

And just bout every FL person I know calls it KISS a ME! <smile>

Be sure to bring your umbrella. You should experience afternoon showers.

The rainy season should've started last month and continued but we haven't hit it yet. It did start raining yesterday and it's been wonnnnderful.

You have to experience Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. Not only is it fun, but the burgers are outta this world!

It can be found at Universal City Walk. The Latin Quarter can also be found there, too! Great food. To me? The rest of the restaurants are <shrug>. Both of my boys have been to Emerils and they say it's way too much hype for over-rated, over-priced food. For a fun experience the Hard Rock may not have ethnic food but it's fun to walk around and see the memorabilia.

It's free after dark and it's nice to go over there just to stroll around. They have a dinner and a movie ticket that's reasonably priced, too!

Planet Hollywood is fun with the memorabilia, also. Food is so-so...but ya know what? We'll go up there, split an appetizer or dessert and have a drink. Then walk around looking at all the fun stuff! Plus it's at Disney Village which is fun to stroll around, too.

My favorite place to eat is in Tampa. If you go to Tampa, look for this spot:

100 Years Old? Flamenco Dancers at Night? magnificent Spanish Food! Ambience that is wonderful! In Historic Ybor City!

Also, the Salvador Dali museum is headed over that way. (west coast)

I love going over to Cocoa Beach..they have Ron Jon Surf Shop. FUN! I can remember going to this surf shop when I was a teenager. It was a hole in the wall place..but famous for it's tshirts. NOW it's a HUGE has to be seen shop!

I do LOVE this place and as a photographer I would hope that you will check the site out. It's beautiful, quiet and a photographer's dream.

There's always Gator jungle! <wink>

I'll see what else I can scramble up in my brain.

I tend to lead towards Tampa most of the's closer to me and the tourists aren't so plentiful that way. You bein a tourist and all! <smile>

Take care, Donna

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