I just joined Auctiva and just looked at the message board have i made a big mistake??? All of my listings are gone! I do see that this is something that happens to everyone, but when do they become availbile? I don't see a customer servie number to call for help just a emal address. I Confused Confuseds anyone in the same boat?
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Happens to everyone. It's a bit of hot topic around here lately, but rest assured they will re-appear shortly. It's a fraud-protection measure taken by eBay.

The title of your thread is Ebays fees were killing me!!!!. Auctiva is a great service - it simplifies and enhances your eBay selling quite a bit, and I'm sure you'll love it... but you'll still have to pay eBay fees for your listings. Of course, you'll save money on stuff like scheduling and extra pictures (which you can do free with Auctiva), but your normal listing and final value fees will still apply.

Just a heads-up, because I don't want you to be too upset when your eBay invoice comes in. Auctiva is free, but eBay is not Smile
I am a ebay powerseller yet new to auctiva...this is all greek to me...I have created an awesome page that I would like to download somehow to auctiva..how do I do this..I thought using this web studio everything would automatically turn to html but they are asking me for my "host ftp address and my host directory-I thought I could use this but it is coming up error...please help!
Hi tier - for a quicker response on that, as it is quite a technical question, I suggest you file a support request, via the Help link above - they'll sort you out Smile
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Wow, that's good, you have Auctiva CEO helped you out.

Jeff's not like Bill Gates or anything...

Big Grin

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