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Hello Folks, just reading the email from ebay regarding their implementation of a mandatory returns policy -

"As already mentioned, we’ll be introducing a standards returns policy for all business sellers on From autumn 2013 you’ll be required to use the new standard returns policy and this will include selecting two returns options, and setting a minimum of 14 days as the period in which the buyer can cancel the transaction and get their money back.

Using the two options will help to present your returns policy in a clear, consistent, and legally compliant way on all of your listings. This will also help you meet the requirements for eBay Top-rated seller status. The new returns policy will be mandatory for all business sellers. You won’t be able to create new listings, relist items, or revise listings on if you don’t use the new policy, as well as the two new returns options.
Start now: Update existing listings with your new returns policy options and make sure you also set your returns options when creating new listings."

I was under the impression this was already built into the auctiva lister as we'd set one up a long while back with a returns policy specified so is this something that's specific to ebay and has to be done separately or does the one we set up in auctiva cover us???

Thank You

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Update: Just double checked out of curiosity and we have a 14 day returns policy built in to auctiva and it shows on every ebay listing and states return post is the buyers responsibility, this is in the checkout options where the payment options and VAT etc show - so going off that and another posting I found on the same subject, it would appear we've been efficient all that time ago in having already done this ? Smile fingers crossed . ..

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