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Anyone out there have any views on ebays latest policy changes.
I for one will not be able to jump through their latest TRS hoops so will loose my discount etc. Adding their fees to the recently hiked Royal Mail price increases is profiteering on the grand scale. I believe sellers in the US have been paying fees on item plus p&p for some time based on their lowest priced domestic shipping rate even for overseas sales whereas on it will be on the actual shipping cost. I think this makes the most expensive to sell on - Rip Off Britain, again.
No doubt, if it works out for them here, they will roll it out globally.
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Ebay seems determined to move from being an on line market place to being a department store where they run everybody's business. I'm leaving the new TRS scheme for most of my items as the INCLUDED POSTAGE ( there's no such thing as free postage) is a rip off for my customers. Currently I charge £2.90 what ever your order size is in order to encourage customers to buy more. Ebay firstly said I should bump up my prices by £2.90 each to cover this. A typical toy car costs £4 so today a customer who buys 10 pays £42.90. If I went with POSTAGE INCLUDED they would have to pay £69. This extra £26 is an ebay rip off. I explained this to ebay and they said "I should drop the price so I make a loss when customers order one car but a profit on the multiple purchases".... and this is why ebay should stick to running a market place and leave us to run our businesses. There has been a universal rejection of ebays new scheme within the diecast toy car sellers market for this reason. I imagine many other low value item sellers will react the same. We are also the most affected by the fees on postage. In the example above this puts the fees up from 40p to 69p which is a 70% increase. I asked them what I was getting for the extra 70% and there was silence.

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