I listed an item thru Auctiva and then found out that I had to do some revision which I did by opening it up on ebay and fixing them. But when I did I accidentally deleted my extra two pictures that are shown at the bottom of the auction. Can I do an edit this auction on Auctiva from my saved listings? Will it solve my problem or will Auctiva see it as a new auction? Any suggestions on how to add the two extra pictures if I can't edited on Auctiva?
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Editing on Auctiva will not make a change to your listing on eBay. So, you would have to either:

a. Revise your auction directly on eBay and add in the URL to your images. You can find the URL to your images hosted by Auctiva on our website, under the Image Management page.

b. On the "Active" listings page on our site, we now have a feature for "Add image". This will allow you to select which auction you want, and then pick images to append to the bottom of the listing.

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