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how do you save youe editing and now that the listing on ebay will or has changed

Ok I am going to make guesses to what you are actually asking, to illustrate the difficulties caused by not taking a little more time to construct your question Frown

Option 1, if you revise a saved listing on Auctiva that is also active on eBay the active one is not changed.

Option 2, if the listing is scheduled but not yet posted to ebay then the revisions will be applied to the scheduled copy. I believe the editor warns you that the item is scheduled, what happens if you save as it is posted, well either version may actually be sent to ebay.

Option 3, if you want to change the active one you need to do a revise item via your my ebay.

Option 4, if this listing is being edited to create a new listing use save as.

Option 5, wait until the listing has gone to ebay then edit and save it.

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