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I know that we are able to edit row colors based on running or ended auctions and whether or not it has received a bid, but I would like to be able to change the color of an auction based on whether or not I've received a payment, shipped an item, etc.

I think that this is really helpful because just a quick glance will let you know what needs to be done. It was possible in the old eBud but the new one doesn't seem to have this option (yet).

Is this option in the works for the newest release or down the road somewhere? I would love to know. Smile
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YES. Setting colors based on auction status definitely helps us keep a better track of our auctions at a glance. An other feature that was lost in the change was the ability to select "Underline when Status Date is over _ days older than current date." That one was really helpful. I could easily tell if an item hasn't been paid after 14 days, and it would tell me when 10 days elapsed after filing an NPB request so that Credit Request could be made. I hope you can incorporate these features in the 3.xx.
I would like to see it work more like Manager 2.x where the status can be selectively set to color and bold on a per item basis.

I's also like to see "ENDED" on the text times in BOLD BLACK like it was in Manager 2.x

And one last refinement, On the remaining times, in 2.x they are like this: 00d 00h 00M

In 3.x you made them 0D 00H (if >9) or 0H (if <10). You did the same for the minutes. In short the columns don't line up and are hard to read. This should be a very easy fix.
I too would like to be able to set colors for various functions such as Item Shipped, Congrats Sent, Not Paid, Payment Received. I know we can sort these out and bring them to the top, but it would also be good to be able to just glance through them to see problems coming up or get an estimate of how many boxes you have to pack soon.
Hello I don't notice the brown cloud very often since I seldom ever look out over the Eastern plains. I'm sure it is there all the time, and probably getting worse since every city around here is growing by hundreds of acres a year.
More to the point; Auctiva has not made any replys to this thread since the original Dec. 30 post. I'm sure that they aren't ignoring this. It was TOO good of a feature to dump. It would be nice if they would make some kind of a comment though.
I have to say... I am sure glad that I am NOT a computer programmer! Many months of Beta Testing (what ever that means) and weeks of "real world" use, and the program is still full of faults. I wonder if the programming profession has a high burn-out rate?
I'm sure (I hope) that eventually the new eBud will be easier to use, and liked by all.
YES, YES and more YES!! Please bring back the ability to change colors and have the underline in there as well.

It seems to me that what everyone is suggesting are things that are in the old ebud program. We all want to keep those things why a new program?? There are not many people out there that are shouting the praises of the new version. The majority of the people want the same features in the 2.**

*Color Change
*Itemized emails for winners with more then one auctoin...instead of "mulitple items won"

Please at least bring back the features that the people want...please.

This thread is probably in the wrong area to be noticed. It should have been in eBud 3.0.

I too 2nd, 3rd, 4th all the above. It is interesting how many people do want the features in the old program brough back (myself included). I for one will never sort the sheet to bring things to the top. I'd much rather look at things in chronological order, as I do now.

I think the complete re-write of eBud had to do with maintainability of the other version. I remember reading that it was becomming a nightmare for them to maintain and add new features.

To the person who made the comment about programming and burn out. I've been doing application & embedded programming for 23 years. I hate it! I'd love to find a new career that doesn't require as much "head work". Some days you just go home totally fatigued. Also, after that much time, it's boring too! Unfortunately it pays well, and pays the bills (doesn't pay well enough or I wouldn't be selling on eBay Big Grin )
This is the perfect place for it and it is noticed. We don't usually follow up to suggestions as much as in the other community areas because most of the time the people who post here are not posting about problems.

We actually have been intending to add this feature to eBud before people started requesting it. It should be coming along eventually.

Gee, if I were in a grumpy mood, I'd make a nasty comment about why should we have to ASK for something that used to be a regular feature, and why is Auctiva taking so long to replace that function now that it knows that LOTS of users want it -- good thing I'm in such a good mood today . . .
in 2.89, when i recieved a check payment i could edit the status block so that the words PAYMENT RECIEVED would be automatically underlined in a set number of days. Example: I recieve a check payment on 1/1/2002. I send the payment recieved letter. (status is now PAYMENT RECIEVED) I hold personal checks for 10 business days, so on the 15th the words PAYMENT RECIEVED would become underlined automatically so i would know it is time to ship that item. Sorry for being so long, but i wanted you to understand. Would you please consider this as it does insure timely shipping.

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