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HELP!! I have a custom template that was not designed by me. When you click the "contact us" button on the template, it has an email address that I do not want to use. I have tried to edit it, under listing and cutomer template. I don't think that I'm doing it right, as I see no email address displayed. How do I change it?

Thank you!!
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If it's a custom template, you need to change the code from the LISTINGS tab page, Manage Customs Templates at lower right. That should take you to a page of your stored custom templates (by name). Select Edit button to right of the problem template. That will take you the template editor, where you can edit the HTML code. You can also copy and paste that code to and post the link you get from practicewriter to the Forum for assistance in making the change.

Rather than eMail links, using the eBay Messaging system (link for that with your account) is a better method.


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