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How do you change the seller detail headers?
For example, I won't use the About Us page, would like to change it to Sizing and Fabric Care. How would I do that?
Can I have several seller detail templates saved depending on what I am selling?
For example, I wouldn't want to say Sizing if I was selling a car engine but it would be nice to have maybe 5 unique sets of sellers details all ready to go to save time.

Is this possible?

Thanks for any help ahead of time.
Original Post
Hi LeeAnn - It doesn't appear that you can change the seller detail headers unless you are creating a custom template:

Originally posted by Auctiva Kent:

I am sorry to inform you that headings cannot be changed. If you were to create a custom template then you could have any headers desired, though knowledge of HTML is needed.

However, you can create and save as many seller detail profiles as you want. Just create the seller detail set, click "save & exit" when you are through naming it, and it will appear in a list of profiles that is accessed by clicking the "manage seller details" link under the PROFILES tab.

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