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You can set up different profiles by going to the "Profiles" tab. Here you can set up different profiles for shipping, checkout and marketing details that you use frequently.

Once you set up of the profiles (and you can edit the profiles later on from the Profiles tab), you then then can choose which ones to use from the Listing page.

Or are you referring to how to change the location of details on the template and add other details? I know once profiles are set up then the different details can start appearing (i.e. an "About Us" section".

Hope that helps, if not, let us know!
I went to the Profile tab and that is not what I am looking for or I just can't find it.

When I list an item using an Auctiva template, there are sections with headers for description, shipping, etc. The only one I have is for the description and shipping. I would like to use the other sections. I need to make a change in the shipping one that is in the template, but can't seem to find where to do it.
Hi Jan,

Have you created a "Seller Details" profile? That is where you put information for all other sections except the "Description".

You can find this area if you click the "Profiles" tab, then on that page look towards the bottom right. If you have already created a "Seller Details" then you might just need to go to the "Manage Seller Details" and edit an exsisting seller detail profile.

If you haven't created one then do so you will be prompted with buttons on the following pages as to what your options are. Make sure to save the profile.

When you create a listing you can turn that particular profile on when you reach the section of the page where you choose a template. After you choose a template look to the right on the lister page and there will be a box with the phrase "Select Seller Details" or something close. Click in there and you will be able to choose a Seller Detail profile that you have created.
Sorry to bring back up the old topic but I still can't edit my seller details... I created one and was able to select it during the listing process but I cannot edit it by going to the Profiles tab... and everytime I click on the Seller Details link, it prompts me to go through the entire process to create one... but what about editing my existing one?

Please help!
Hi NL*Sales,

I'm responding from my email inbox and someone else may have already answered your question.

Anyway, just in case they have not. You need to edit your profiles from the Manage Profiles section.

Click on Manage Profiles, then select the Profile you wish to Edit and in the box at the right select Edit. Your profile will then open and you can make the changes you wish to make and when you are through either leave the same name and Save, or you can give it another name and then Save.

Hope this helps and if someone else has already answered, hope this does not confuse.

NL Sales - I have the feeling you're not quite getting the concept. You need to click the PROFILES tab at the top of the Auctiva page, then the "Manage Seller Details" link, then the "Edit" button for your saved seller detail profile. Please re-read the preceeding 2 posts as they are spot on.

Folks seem to get confused due to the fact that there are 2 types of "profiles". (also commonly called "details")(profiles are a saved collection of details). There are ITEM details (those items outside the template (which screenshot 1 refers to), and SELLER details (inside your template, screenshot 2). They are separate types of profiles and are accessed,configured, and named separately, through the PROFILES tab. Smile We all went through this. And still are! Big Grin
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I could not see much of the page in Screenshot 1. And actually, there was not enough of the second screenshot to really tell what you have.

Did you have your page maximized before doing your Print Screen?

Please, don't be offended, but have you created all the profiles? Details, Shipping, Marketing, Checkout and Master? If not, I would highly suggest you go to Help and look at the tutorials. They will be really helpful.

If you could post a screenshot of the entire Manage Profiles page it will really help.

Thanks guys... I really appreciated your pointers and helps... I was totally blind... when I clicked on Profile Tab... there are links on the menu and also on the page... the links on the menu (right under the tab) doesn't have the "manage saler details" but the one on the main page of the "Profile" tab does... with the "New" icon next to it...
Sorry for wasting your precious time!

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