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I tried to edit the title of my store front. there was a confirmation that it has been saved and it would be updated in 2 hours. it has been nearly 2 days and it has not yet updated the title of the store front. i have tried multiple times to re save it, but i think there is somethign wrong because when i first clicked on update preview it used to work, but now it does not show any preview of what it will look like. although it does say it has saved the changes. how can i correct this. i am a basic free user, and have just started using this service.
thank you
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i may have figured it out but i wonder if there is an easier way.

I manually pasted the html into my auctions to place the store window at the top of my auctions. what i am thinking i will have to do is, i will have to go back to each of my auctions and change the html and use the new code provided by auctiva after i made the changes to the title. is this true or will auctiva automatically change it for me, without me changign out my old html for the new one with the changes made?

thanks for your help
also i tried to change the html to the newer one with the new title, and it stopped working. the whole window doesnt show up when i tested the html in a browser. i havent put the new html in a listing yet. but should changing the html myslef cause it to dissapear like that?

this is not a tremendous problem but it was just weird so i was just wondering.

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