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When creating a new listing I've noticed that, for some reason, the listing appears differently when viewing it in Preview than it does when looking at it in the Editor. It's as if the HTML has been changed, as the size of the font and the font itself has changed in parts of the listing.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or is it a bug that I should inform Auctiva of?

Thanks so much!

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I am sooo glad it's not just me going crazy!
I have been editing listings that were perfectly fine, to re-use as the basis for a new listing. I have some text at the end of my "Item Description" that I made xx-small text. Now all the Contact Details, Shipping Info, About Us etc appears in xx-small text too, not x-small like I want it. I do something which I think fixes it, and it looks OK in Preview, but then after I've Saved and gone back into the listing, it's all stuffed up again! I am possibly the most irritated person in my city at the moment...I wanted to list this today, now I won't be able to.

Hello friends.

I would not put so much into the Auctiva Preview tool. It does no represent what the actual FULL listing will look like live on eBay. It just gives you a quick snapshot of your work.

Once you have confirmed your work in the HTML editor by clicking on 'STANDARD' to switch modes, you will see the work you have done.

Save and POST.

However, the Preview is good to guide you in the right direction.

Best regards,

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