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Valdersan -

On this page on the right,, you will see all the custom email template actions you have available to you. Click the Create Template link to make your own.

Pointers for creating your own custom email template:

* Pick the type of email you want to send from the drop-down and what kind of information you would like to include.
* Use the Design Editor if you don't know HTML and the Text Mode if you know HTML.
* Use the blue Custom email template tags to insert auction specific information into the email. Just put your cursor in the box and then click the blue tags to the left to insert the tag.
* Make sure to give your new email template a new recognizable name and email subject.

Note: Since most people have intense spam filters these days, make sure the subject of your email is specific and relevant in case it needs to be picked out of a Junk Mailbox. Good: You won eBay [ITEMTITLE] [ITEMNUMBER]! Too generic: You won!

Hope that helps!


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