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Why are all my items on my emporium page NOT showing the best offer option??
My items are all listed with the best offer as an option is this costing potential sales....and is not how my items are listed.

These constant errors on Auctiva are costly to sellers.

Please do NOT say this will be fixed in a future update as that is not an acceptable answer anymore when it comes to these issues and how I am TRYING to run my business, make a living and pay my bills.

We need these issues fixed in a timely manner.

Has anyone else recently checked their emporium page and is anyone else having this issue??
I am now going to have to remove links to my Emporium page for other sites and search engines until this is fixed.
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Hi Community,

Thanks for commenting on this. The Auctiva Emporium store, which automatically shows all your active eBay listings at any given time, was not designed to show the Best Offer feature so it is expected that you are not seeing that option option displayed next to listings which offer it on your Emporium page itself.

However, if a perspective buyer who is viewing your Auctiva Emporium clicks on one of your items, he/she will be taken directly to that listing on the eBay website and will be able to see the Best Offer option there if it is available.

Unless you specifically promote your Auctiva Emporium using the address provided in your account, most of the traffic to the store will most likely be from perspective buyers who click the link to your other items in the bottom-right corner of your scrolling gallery, but you may get some traffic from search engines as well.

If you would like to remove the link to your Emporium from your scrolling gallery, you can do so by mousing over the “Gallery” tab, selecting the “Customize” option, clicking the “Text & Placement” tab on the ensuing page, deleting the contents of the “Bottom Text” field and then saving your changes.

If you make that adjustment to your scrolling gallery settings, the link to your Emporium should no longer be present in the scrolling galleries in your listings the next time the scrolling gallery refreshes, which it does approximately every 2 hours.

We appreciate the feedback and have made note of this idea as something to consider when we are planning future site updates.

Why would they link to the emporium and not to the corresponding eBay listing??

Why would they link to a page just to have buyer have to click on another link (which doesn't have the correct info as the best offer part is missing)just to be redirected back to eBay??
There are no buyers that want to waste time bouncing around just to end up where they were to begin with.

What buyer is going to bother even clicking on an item that just shows a high BIN price (usually higher than the market value)and no offer option. All the buyer is seeing is an over priced item and has no idea that offers are accepted.
This just causes a buyer to move on to find a less expensive item or someone that takes offers?? It in essence, drives buyers away. I would move on to find another item too.
It also send up a red flag because it takes the buyer off eBay...that is something eBay warns buyers against. Again something that will cause a buyer to find another item/seller.

I never realized any of this before...not that it is explained anywhere on the gallery or emporium pages. This is really not good.

What is the logic/reasoning to this??

Now I am going to have to find and replace the galleries in my listings with one that links to the items on eBay and shows the price options correctly.............just more work.
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