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Hi Larry,

Thanks for contributing to our forum.

I certainly understand how it may be beneficial to enable the "Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images" option by default, but we actually have a number of users who place images within the "Auctiva Image Selection" area that they do not wish to include as Gallery Images and doing so could be problematic for these sellers.

I have forwarded your comments in this regard to our Product Management team for consideration though. Perhaps we could provide an account preference that would allow individual sellers the option to enable this setting by default for their accounts or something similar.

We appreciate the feedback!


I would second this idea.  I just discovered that by not having that box checked, none of my listings show more than one photo, even though I usually upload multiple photos in each listing.  I am horrified.  Don't know when this changed but Auctiva needs to do something on the listing template to notify people that just uploading to Auctiva won't do the trick. 

Hello Bella'sMom -

There is an option in your account preferences to have the optional eBay gallery images added to your listings by default, which has been available for quite some time.  After logging in to your account just select "Acct. Preferences" from the My Account menu and this is the second option from the top of the page.  It is in the Listing Management section and there is a checkbox labeled "Enable the optional eBay gallery by default:" as noted here.

Please also note that not checking the box for the Optional eBay Gallery images does not prevent images from displaying in the body of your listing as this option only affects the gallery images that display beneath your Header image on eBay.

 - Craig


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