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I am aware how to set the Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images in a listing. My problem is that when I check the "Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images " in a template when there are no images selected in the "Auctiva Image Selection" section (because it is a template and I don't want to add images on a template) the checkbox doesn't stick. I want this automatically selected so when I do add images I won't have to remember to check the box at that time and there is no way to view this unless you go into each ad. I also have not been able to find a bulk edit function that I can use to mark this after the images are added.
We are using the trial version now to see if this will work for us. We don't add the pictures at the same time as creating the listing because my husband writes the ads and I later take pictures, reformat and then upload the pictures. Thanks for your help
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Hi jdfish,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. It is currently expected that the “Enable Optional eBay Gallery” images option cannot be saved successfully if you have not chosen any images for that section and, unfortunately, it will not be possible to save that option as enabled when you are not ready to add the images to your listings yet.

We also do not offer any functionality that would allow you to enable this setting in bulk so, based on the work flow you described, you would need to remember to enable this option as you are adding the images to each listing.

I will be sure to share your comments in this regard with our Product Management team as suggestions for future consideration though.


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