I'm having a problem with my listings on auto relist. I'm on these mom/shopping boards and I sell stuff on there sometimes. well if I sell an item on auto relist I can't end it until someone buys it. then I get charged fees for an item I don't even have to sell and I have to explain it to the buyer. anyone know how in the world I can end an item no longer for sale on auto relist. TIA!
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beach babies,

I order to cancel a listing on eBay that is tied to an auto relist profile, navigate to the active listings page. On the page, you should see a link that says, "Stop auto relist" next to the active listing.

This will stop auto relist for this particular listing. You can then go to eBay and cancel the listing without it having auto relisting.

The only thing it keep in mind is if you post the original listing again and it is still tied to an auto relist profile, it will auto relist. By stopping auto relist from the active listings page, you are only turning auto relist off for that listing.

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