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Hi! I've been listing auctions for a while with auctiva, but need to find a way to enter them more quickly. I've used the "similar auction" function to not have to enter all info repeatedly. Where I feel I'm losing the most time is copying and pasting from word to the description box.

I keep getting a pop up that says "do you want to allow this webpage to access your clipboard? Allow access/Don't allow". I have to click on allow 2 times and then this pops up "the text you want to paste seems to be copied from word. do you want to clean it before pasting?"

Can I stop this from happening EVERY time I copy and paste my description? Thanks for your help. rbauctions
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Hi! I don't think there is any alternative; just be sure to uncheck the box that says "Ignore Font" so your text appears in your listing just as you have created it in Word. I cut and paste from Word all the time because Auctiva's choice of fonts and other stuff is so limited. I don't know HTML, so this works for me. Good luck with your business!
Hey rbauctions,

I know what can help you. I just listed over 61 auctions with Auctiva in the past 7 days.

First, it is going to take a few hours to tweak and get familar, but once you do this, it NEVER has to be redone and it will run so SMOOTH!!!

Check out the profile's option that Auctiva provides. There is alot to it at first but it is worth it. Pick one template. Make a couple of different tiered shipping options, and name then. Then do your seller details. This is where you can copy, paste your basic auction info, and then will you do you auction listing just type the description directly into it. Saves so much time. I also tier it to match my shipping details. Also remember to include the free gallery and payment details.

And once all that is done, then you can start the task of combining them with multiple MASTER profiles!!! Also tiered to maych my 4 levels of flate rate shipping.

Now it is such a breeze to upload my auctions. I will only use Auctiva from now on because "Profiles do save your sanity"!!!!!

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