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Has anybody else been having problems with the ERROR code popping up when saving listings on Auctiva? What about problems with the ERROR code when uploading pictures to Auctiva? We have been having both problems for a few weeks now, and we created a support case last week, but it hasn't helped. We left a message on their customer support. Nothing has been fixed yet, this is frustrating.
Meredith Hueckman
Original Post
Hi Meredith,

I'm sorry to hear that you have encountering errors of this nature recently.

I reviewed the support case you filed on this topic and, while I am not certain why you may be receiving the generic errors you described while attempting to save certain listings, we have forwarded the details of your report to our technical team for further investigation and will update you again through that case once we have some additional information to share.

Although I was unable to determine what specific error you are receiving when uploading images from your support case, users have encountered a variety of issues with the Auctiva Uploader since the latest Java update was released a couple weeks ago and I feel there is a good chance that your image uploading difficulties may be related.

The first thing I recommend trying which may help you past your image uploading woes is to make sure you have installed the latest Java update (version 7 update 51) by going to and clicking the “Verify Java Version” button.

If you find that you have not already installed the latest update, please install it when prompted and, once complete, check whether you are then able to use the Auctiva Uploader successfully once again.

On the other hand, if you have already installed the latest Java update or you continue to have difficulties with the Auctiva Uploader thereafter, I then recommend completely uninstalling any instances of Java that are on your computer and then reinstalling the latest version anew from:

If you end up needing further assistance with this particular issue, we will need to get more details about the specific error message you are receiving to troubleshoot further. I'll update your case with that information momentarily as well.


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