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I know again this has been discussed and think it was more than once but was quite awhile back. I tried to find threads...but can't seem to locate as I think if you do not know exact words in subject or text it is very hard to locate thread.

This was discussed quite awhile back...sorry I could not find, but really do not have hours to muddle through threads that are it seems auctiva commented on it at the time.

Anyway...the error check box is at bottom of listing which is GREAT BUT, to get the error you have to scroll back to the top of the page to see what problem is.

This is in the Feature Center and has been for a real long time and there are still places for comments. However, on my original post way back when....they are not dated but think about 2 years ago..I put top would be fine...rethinking and sent new comment...bottom is where this needs to be but not sure if that will be approved to go into feature center or not.

DO YOU have thoughts on it??? I would sure utilize forum as well as feature center. Those suggestions or comments have to be approved before they are hopefully they will be approved.

Auctiva can you refresh my memory on this??? I am sure this would be of help to ENTIRE community...or at least those like me who do make mistakes sometimes Smile.

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