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Hi! I'm glad I found this forum! I am really bad at this template thing so I had someone make one up for me. Now I am getting this error message and I have no idea what I need to change: You must have one and only one description tag in your template.

This is the link to my template:

Any help would be appreciated! Big Grin
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Originally posted by saladbar27:
Hi Babiesnbellies!

I'm having issues too, but I do not have my own template. Are you receiving the error message invald characters in your description, ad not posted? That's what I'm getting.

Hope they get this issue resolved.
invalid characters are usually a symptom of using word to create the descrition and then pasting it into auctiva, etc. this is because word likes to screw with your text and replace things like quotation marks (" ") with smart quotes (“ “). (they dont show up here in forums, but if you hit the reply with qoute button on this post, and scroll down through the text, you will see that the quote marks are different. smart ones angle more.)

that's just one example of the messing with text that word does and why i recommend that a person never ever ever use word for anything theyre going to paste into html documents (such as pasting into description on auctiva)

if that's not the case with your problem, my apologies. just saying that this is the problem that i usually see as far as 'invalid characters' are concerned. (not only here, but other places on net as well)

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