I'm not new, but I'm no expert, either. I've listed over 200 auctions in the past few years (small potatoes to most, I'm sure) BUT I hardly ever have any errors on "Error Check". I am listing a LOT of Coach accessories, bags, etc. & for whatever reason, Error Check keeps giving me this message: "Please enter values for all fields marked with '*' in your Custom Item Specifics: Brand" In checking topics, I don't see any with 'Error Check' subtitles, so I'm asking here. I AM a little concerned at how few postings there are in any of the categories, though.... Anybody out there?
*Added* I figured it out by myself, so no prob, but I would appreciate any feedback on the topic anyhow. Thanks!
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Hello Ethel Mertz -

The Custom Item Specifics link is available on the lister page when you have selected a category where these are required or optional. The link is available just beneath the area of the lister for the Item Condition Note, which will bring up a popup window, and items within the popup marked with a green asterisk are required by eBay for that category. You will need to open the popup to be able to fill in the field for Brand and then you should be able to post your listings.

If you are having further difficulty with some listings, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of our site and let us know the error you are encountering as well as the titles of any listings you have run into trouble with and we will be happy to look into it for you.

- Craig

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