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I am getting the following message for masses of my listings - All active, some due to come off today. Message" Error encountered during automatic listing migration. Please end and re-list this item manually. No changes detected. Not updated".
What does it mean? I do not have any listings that are automatically relisted.
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Hello All -

Based on the description here, it sounds like there were listings that were active on eBay that were not able to be updated at the time our migration tools ran over them - most likely because the items were not eligible for revision on eBay at the time. This would have been for active content and the updates to the scrolling gallery, which have been running over accounts approximately every 48 hours for some time now. Most, if not all of these issues will be resolved by posting again or relisting the listings via Auctiva.

If you encounter a problem listing that does not update after you have relisted it or this issue is persistent for some of the listings in your account, please feel free to file a support case providing some examples of where you run into this issue and we'll be happy to take a look.

- Craig

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