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I have made 15 listings today, and when I try to schedule them I get an error on each one:

Listing is invalid for posting or is missing certain required fields. Please edit this listing before scheduling so that it meets posting requirements.

I then edit the listings, and it says Sellers: eBay has made changes to their Domestic Handling Time requirements.

My domestic handling time is currently 2 business days, which I think is fair.

Even if I change the handling time, I still get the same error when scheduling.

I have already opened a case file with Auctiva, but getting a reply before Monday isn't going to happen.

Was wondering if anyone could help me with this error, as I'd really like to get these listings up before Sunday.

Many thanks for your help.
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Further to my above post, I am also getting the following error when I run an "Error Check":

eBay listing failed to pass validation for the following reason:
Category must be a leaf category, i.e. a category that has no sub-categories.

Can someone please tell me how to rectify this please?

I've spoken with the people who run this website, and they have been the most unhelpful people I have ever spoken to.
not sure this will help but...
instead of fixing the errors in the scheduled listings, open up the listing in the saved listing folder and do the edits there and schedule from there. for some reason clicking on fix and reschedule in the scheduled category does not work.

as to the categories, i always use search and put in the highest ranking category number that matches my search.

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