Every morning when I first start to check out everything I immediately go to Community/Images/Auctiva Tom T check here when images are not showing or slow.

Then I do shift and reload button. Hopefully I see all 5 cars.

What I was wondering is what Car 1 to Car 5 represents? Right now Car 4 is not showing
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Yep my Car #4 is still not showing. I did Adware scan as well but can't get it to show up.

There are some of my images taking time to load so maybe it has to do with images.

The cars are each being served from one of our image servers. We had a temporary problem with "number 4" this morning which was causing certain images to randomly fail. Everything should be ok as of 12:30 pacific time.

So then ...

Car # = server = images


Does each car/server cover a certain area such as Southwest or what is each server assigned to?
It's a bit more complicated than that, but basically yes. No, we don't have any particular server assigned to geographic location of vievers, the servers are physically located in one place so this really doesn't matter.
So if each server handles images then would all of my images be in just one car or would they be scattered out through the five cars shown?
Right now my car 5 is not showing up and my showcase is not loading so I can assume that those pictures are in that server... correct?
Last time I looked 3 took it's time and 5 never did load but I am sure they will figure it and fix it as it might be just weather related
Hi Community,

To those of you who are experiencing difficulties with images not loading in the store window...The reason for this is because we had an image server go down, which has caused the speed at which images are served into the store window to decrease dramatically. Consequently, many images are timing out when they are loading, causing the message loading image to be continually displayed. We are in the process of installing a brand new image server and we should have it up and running smooth by the end of the week. Once we have the appropriate images transferred onto the new file server, store window images should be loading quickly again.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience with regard to this matter.


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