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For those who like me thought oh 1 cent on lst class, so did not give other a lot of thought here are couple of Examples of cost changes on couple of items I shipped Saturday.

Saturday I shipped following package to California:

3 ounce Sat paid $1.64, same package today $2.07 USPS site, $1.69 ebay site. Do not know auctiva as has not updated.

International 1.14 ounce package to United Kingdom costing $17.88 Saturday, 43.85 USPS website, (hoping this is wrong) $21.74 first class today via ebay. Auctiva unknown.
FLAT rate on same item $16.95 Saturday today $23.95.

Just couple of examples you do not think this CAN'T be right!!! Seems as though the postal service is begging us to go Fed Ex for larger US packages.

I am sure ebay is singing a happy song right now...they just got a large revenue boost! Our buyers will not be singing though!

I hope somebody wakes me up and tells me it is April fools joke early!!!
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