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I hate to sound like a sourpuss....but am going to anyway. I think contests are GREAT, HOWEVER, I think business at hand is much more important.

We have reported issues this weekend about goings on that have an impact on our sales/listings, etc. Site issues, ebay duplicate listings issues, items that have not worked for days and in some cases weeks.

I happen to go onto facebook to see IF anyone had posted issues there figuring there could be issues there that were not on forums. OR even responded to on there, but not on forums.

Well, LOW and 12:33 there was update on the BEARD contest on there....NOTHING posted on the forums about ANY of the problems we are having. At minimum have someone say...we see the problems and are trying to find out what is going on.

While life may be a game for some...for others...the function of the site is MUCH more URGENT than who the heck won a hair growing contest.

NOW....I realize it is probably different departments doing this....but perhaps...there needs to be an effort to put BUSINESS ahead of fun.

YES I realize this was a fundraiser, and I am ALL for raising money for a is very irritating to see play when we are trying to get the site to function with ease.

I am sorry if this offends anyone but I find this quite disturbing. especially since I am trying to use functions that have not worked for quite awhile now.....
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thank you Auctiva for the below post on News

"Commentary from staff

Scheduled Downtime – No Auctiva Access
Oct 2nd 2012, 15:39

Scheduled maintenance for will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 8 a.m. PST and will last for about 3 hours. No site access will be available at that time.At Auctiva we are committed to improving your experience utilizing our site.

Although it may not always seem to be true, we have, and always will listen to what our community says.

When we were forced to move from a free service to a monthly subscription service a few years ago, one thing that we heard loud and clear was that we needed to improve our site availability and stability.

To date we’ve made great progress in these areas, we hope that you’ve noticed at least some of the improvements. We’ve made numerous stability adjustments on both the hardware and software side of things, we’ve also eliminated the need for site outages during our weekly maintenance and software release processes.

Having said this, we’ve also made our fair share of mistakes, and yeah, we’ve introduced a few software defects and made some regretful decisions along the way… be kind… we are human too.

Nevertheless we are committed to learning from our mistakes and taking our lumps as we should. We are by no means perfect, we only wish we were and strive for it.

We mention our improvements with our site availability and stability to express to you that we have heard you, we take it very serious and maybe to soften you up just a bit. It pains us to say it but we need to take the site down for some maintenance.

In our continued effort of improving your experience, over the past several months we’ve been working on a project to adjust our data structures.

This work is necessary for two reasons, first to deal with a longstanding issue in the structure, and second, to remove a significant barrier to continued performance improvements.

After this maintenance is complete we don’t expect that the site performance is going to be noticeably faster for all our users, but we do believe that gains will be made for customers with large amounts of historical data.

We believe that larger customer will see improvement in timeouts that may be experienced during peak usage periods (lots of users using our web site). We do not expect that our casual customers we feel much, if any, of a performance improvement after this maintenance is completed.

However, once we’ve been able to remove the current barrier and a few other roadblocks, we feel performance gains will be seen for all of our customers.

The maintenance process will begin at 8 a.m. PST on Tuesday, October 9. Once this maintenance begins, the entire Auctiva site (lister, dashboard, support tickets, etc.) will be unavailable for access.

Please note, all scheduled listings that were set to launch during this maintenance window will not be able to post.

During this scheduled downtime, we will be posting updates to our time frame (if things change) on our Auctiva Community Forum. This forum is hosted on a different network than the site and will not be affected by this maintenance.

We will continue to have staff actively monitoring the community forums during this downtime, as well.

Our Auctiva social media channels, Facebook and Twitter, will also be updated with maintenance information during this process.

We know that this site improvement time will be an inconvenience for our users, and we apologize for the impact it will have on your eBay listings.

We are looking forward to offering our customers a better product and are confident that this maintenance will help us ensure those efforts.

We appreciate your patience and will keep you informed of any changes."
Sorry could not write on your post Mike....but it is closed post....

W@W we can't say we were not informed!!! Smile Thanks so much for update and email and log in information!!!

THRILLED to read this here... we all have PLENTY of time to plan ahead and take photographs or whatever during that time.

Never thought I would be thrilled to see an outage!

Also, I have not problem with outages as as long as they are moving the train along faster and smoother!!!!
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