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Hi- First this is NOT a complaint about things NOT done, nor is it wanting things done other than updating list and possibly name change for feature center???

I have obviously from forums been looking at feature center...again....

I wanted to post this on the previous thread on this, however, it was closed in January 2012.

I have several times mentioned that I think the feature center is the forgotten child and that a lot of people do not know about it.

On August 29, 2011, one of the staffers wrote:

I agree 100%! The "Feature Center" does often get overlooked and could use a better name and more visibility.

After I said, I thought it was dead and suggested an area that it could be utilized to the max and/or a name change...but really a name change may be the fix....(to me feature center means, just that....features .... To me a NAME CHANGE ONLY would be people know what it is...and I can't imagine that being rocket science or taking up hours and hours of anyone's time.

Anyway, another staffer wrote on January 5, 2012

We don't agree at all that the Feature Center is 'dead.' It will continue to be the major source we look to for ideas we elect to do development on. While we will look at the forums too, the Feature Center we want to be primary because it has a voting mechanism so we can see the popularity of an idea.

After more notes from community the same staffer wrote On January 11, 2012
As stated in earlier posts, the Feature center is 'the place' we look to for ideas submitted from our user community.

At this time we have no plans to make changes to the Feature Center Location or layout.

Now...I go back to my earlier opinion it is DEAD!!! The most votes on ANY item in the feature center suggestions is 170 (I would assume more than 170 people are interested in what features they would like)? Comments a whopping 6 on one item, most have no comments. Even auctiva does not update it when things are done??? (unless I am missing something)....

This particular one really STEAMS ME as it was in the previous TO DO list and now has been moved to the suggestion area. My understanding is this was canned a VERY long time ago after much stringing us along on it????? Like maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years ago?????? I know on November 2011 auctiva made it clear it was probably not going to happen. They then moved it from the TO DO to the SUGGESTIONS???

Use Auctiva to upload to other selling sites (63 is count on that right now...I do not know if this was count before it was moved from suggestions to to do and back or after...I think this is a new count, as I am 99% sure I voted and left comment before this was moved from one list to another, but tonight it showed I had not voted, as I believe you can only vote once per item.


Here is to do list that I cut/pasted today. I believe some of these items have been done for quite awhile now. *** I put in for ease in reading ***

To-Do List

****Incorporate Item Specifics into Listing Page, rather than pop-up

****Custom note field

****Image Selection & Enable Optional Ebay Gallery Images

****Adding Filtering option - by EBAY SITE to Active/Scheduled listings

****Make listing preview look like eBay's

Auctiva...can you update us on this and future items that may be on the Suggestions list??? Or at least update list.


SORRY this is sooooo long, but lots of road to cover.

Here is that January link if anyone is bored to tears and wants some bedtime reading Big Grin
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