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Hey, I read the post about the fees showing up as .55 well I had a listing in store inventory say it was gonna cost me $2.00. I started over to make sure I didn't select anything different than usual, and same thing, if I lower the price of the item I am listing from 39.94 to 2.00 just to see it goes to .55 cents.
Gosh I had planed to list all day today and have been stuck trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, can not figure anything, now I have done nothing. I did relist some items and pulled them up and it said it would cost me .55 cents but check my account and it only charged my .03. Anyone still with me?
Grateful for any help, I am soo confused. Thank you.....
"confused in South Georgia"
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Auctiva doesn't charge sellers any fees for listing--ebay charges the sellers on their ebay account when the item lists (for the correct amount.) The total you see is just an estimate, which obviously isn't giving the correct amount. I'm sure Auctiva is aware of this problem and is trying to work out all the wrinkles from ebay's neverending changes.

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