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So I was trying to modify all my saved listings as efficiently as possible for the new Ebay insurance requirements, and selected the "Insurance" field and got stumped at the choice "Replace with:".

I figured "Use my Global Insurance Rules". However, I do not have any "Global Insurance rules" so I did an Auctiva Help search for "Global Insurance Rules".

There were no search results.

The only place I can find any insurance settings is under My Account- Auctiva Shipping Insurance Settings. Well, I don't have any because I am not paying for insurance for anything, so all I want to do is say "not offered".

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I want to do is say "not offered".


With eBay's new policy, you say THAT LANGUAGE (not offered) as part of the listing description text. It's no longer "offered" (or not) as part of the transaction, i.e. it's been removed from the lister(s). I'm fairly sure that's why there's nothing (like "not offered") to change to.

The Find & Replace is allowing you to apply the new Global Insurance Rules they setup in the wake of the eBay policy change. That does allow members to add their rules for purchase at Auctiva to their Saved Listings (good job!). Big Grin

Note: it's come to my attention that the View Item page still shows the field, and the policy change does show it will remain on grandfathered (before change) listings for 30 days.

I'm also tracking some listings by a member submitted late yesterday that were Saved as "optional" and ended up as "included in S&H" for her US-Domestic, so there may be a few "wrinkles" left to iron out.


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