Hey Auctiva, when are you going to add a Find & Replace feature for eBay categories? You already have it for store categories so I would assume it wouldn't be too terrible hard. With eBay making all of the changes to their site it is making it impossible for me to keep up with their categories. When they change one category I have to go into 300+ listings individually to change the category. And then do it all over again for another category. It would be so much better to just checkmark 100 and replace the new category with the old.
I have OVER 500+ listings that I cannot post until I change the category manually and I haven't been able to find the time.
Other users...If you too would benefit from this feature please write below. Last time I needed help the fine people with Auctiva said they wouldn't help since I was the only one with a problem. Please help me show tham that this is a feature worth adding.
Thanks All
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kallisonmk, you raised this in a thread a couple of weeks ago and I answered you...see this link.

By the way, eBay has a bulk listing revision tool available on in your My eBay area. You can read about it here.

Relative to requesting features, we have a Feature Center where you can request a feature and ask people to vote for the feature you requested. You can enter your feature request and see how many favorable votes it gets. We consider the votes feature requests receive here in deciding which ones to implement on the site.
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Vickie, you can find the 'Feature Center' on the drop down menu that appears when you hover your mouse over 'Home' on the nav bar. You must be signed in to your Auctiva Account in order for that menu option to be visible.

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