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Hi All
new to this (spent 2 days getting a listing correct). Can some one help me because I can not do "Fixed price (Good 'Til Cancelled)"and do not have the shop box at top of the page when creating a new listing.
I am only using the free for a month then will pay for it(10 days to go), is this stopping Fixed price (Good 'Til Cancelled) tick box.
can i also change it on ebay or will they charge me ?
many thanks mark
Original Post
You do have to select "fixed price" (there is no 'store' option, can't recall when ebay ended that, but it's been awhile) then down where you put the price you can choose how long the listing will go for. If you are selecting "fixed price" and still don't have the option for the good til cancelled, you should contact the support. good luck to you!

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